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Will You Be My Valentine Quotes For Him

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♥♥I am happy, because you are next to me,
You are my sunshine after the storms of life.
I love you, honey.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
♥♥I am smiling all the time, because You are in my life.
I believe in everything what you say, because these words are Yours.
And I have never been so happy before, until I met You.
♥♥My love for you sets my heart on fire and makes each day of my life so special!
♥♥I consider myself to be the happiest girl in the world, because I found the real diamond. It‘s you!
♥♥Loving is like looking at the stars – if you look at one of them long enough, all others will disappear. Happy Valentine‘s Day to my one and only!
♥♥The moments that I spend with you are so precious to me, it feels like heaven to be with you!
♥♥I was happy, but I could not imagine how happy I can be, when you came into my life!
♥♥It‘s so good to have a person in my life who can always make me smile, hold my hand and give me the warmest hug!
♥♥I will always cherish in my heart the day when I met you and I am thankful for all the love that you brought into my life!
♥♥I love my life, because you are a part of it.
I love you, because you are my life, honey.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
♥♥No matter that we are far from each other, I see you when I close my eyes and I feel you near me all the time, because you are always in my heart!
♥♥Only because of you my life is just like heaven on Earth now. Thank you for turning my dreams into reality, sweetheart!
♥♥Happiness may come in many forms – loving family and great career achievements. But for me the main source of happiness is sharing my life‘s moments with a special man like you!
♥♥Let the magic feeling of love give you wings,
So that you could fly to me in the way of thoughts,
And give me unforgettable kisses.
Happy Valentine’s Day, honey!
♥♥Your hands are the source of strength,
When you hug me, I feel safe.
Your eyes are like a flame,
When you look at me, I am melting.
Your words are like a life balm,
They inspire to live.
Our love is like the sweetest nectar,
It helps to withstand the storms.
♥♥I love you, you love me,
It looks like a dream.
Love is invincible,
Time goes by,
Flowers bloom and then wither,
But our love is getting stronger
As long as we live.
♥♥The best and most amazing things cannot be seen, only felt with the heart, like my love for you, honey!

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