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Valentine Poems For Teachers

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♥♥A Valentine’s Day Test for My Teacher
I thought I would ask you
a question today, Teacher,
Because you are so good at
Asking me. Ready?
Two plus two?
Twelve times six?
This question’s not that easy.
The ninth president?
The capital of Texas?
This question’s way more cheesy.
Get ready now,
and study hard
To get a good grade
on your report card.
Here comes the question—
Take your time:
Will you be my Valentine?
♥♥Happy Valentine’s Day, Teacher
This special day of love
Calls for a note of gratitude.
And I just want to thank you so
For all the things you do.
You care for your students
(And parents alike).
You give all of yourself
To us little tykes.
It goes not unnoticed
Your daily sacrifice.
Your costly work is
Valued at the greatest price.
Happy Valentine’s Day

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