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Kiss Day Sms Collection

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♥♥I’m with you reading this ,
Looking at your eyes and your lips,
Touching your lips softly with my fingertips.
Making love to you in every kiss.
♥♥Love can be expressed in many ways.
One way I know is to send it across the distance
to the person who is reading this.
Happy Kiss Day
♥♥Select any number between 1 and 10
and I will tell you the type of Kiss
you are going to receive from me.

Answers :

♥♥Kiss is the key of love.
Love is the key of marriage.
Marriage is the box of children.
Children are problem of pakistan.
So stop the kissing and save the pakistan.
Kiss is not like Nokia…Connecting People
♥♥Always KISS a lady teacher,
She will say, repeat it 5 time
♥♥Kiss is not like nokia just connecting people,
not like nike just do it,
not like pepsi yeh dil mange more,
but kiss is like LAYS no one can eat just one
♥♥Question : Why do girls close
their eyes while kissing a guy?
Answer : Yeh ladkiyan ladkon
ko kabhi khush nahi dekh sakti.
♥♥Kiss me and you will see stars ….
Love me and I will give them to you.
♥♥In an Eskimo kiss,
Two people rub their noses back and forth against each other.
It’s based on real kisses
that people in Eskimo cultures give their friends.
Just like with lip kisses,
Eskimo kisses are best executed with your eyes closed.
♥♥A peach is a peach.
A plum is a plum.
A kiss is not a kiss
unless its with tongues…

Kiss is fly from lips,
Lips is wet also kiss,
Dont miss a kiss
it is a valve of this,

♥♥Kis is like LAYS, no one can eat just one
♥♥The Hickey: A hickey technically isn’t a kiss;
it’s a red mark (a bruise, really) left on the skin after someone sucks hard enough on it.
Hickeys hurt a little to get,
but some people think the sucking feels good,
especially on the side of the neck.
It can be embarrassing to walk around with a hickey,
So before you start sucking, get permission first.
♥♥if kisses were rain id send u showers,
if fun was time id send u hours,
if u needed a friend id send u me!
*Happy Birthday To You Sweetheart*
♥♥Kiss is the first step to show
how much i love you,
how much i think about you,
how much i miss u
show that i trust u…
♥♥One boy went to meet his girlfriend
when he came back at home
mom asked
kahaan gaey they ?
boy:us se milney
mom: kis liye?
boy: haan bohat kiss liye:D

Meaning of kisses

♥♥This is a fun, flirty kiss for girlfriends to give their boyfriends.
Put on a healthy amount of lip gloss or Chap Stick,
then rub your lips on your partners’ lips until theirs are coated, too.
For extra fun,
surprise your partner with a sweet, fruity lip gloss flavor.
♥♥The Secret Message Kiss:
In the middle of a French kiss,
spell out a secret message with the tip of your tongue against their tongue.
It might feel a little funny to the other person,
but at least you’ll be getting your message across.

I stair into your beautiful brown eyes,
I can feel the blood rushing throughout my body.
And as I brush the hair out of your face,
I slide my hand down your soft slender cheek,
as my skin touches yours, our hearts beat faster.

As you run your hands through my hair
I lean towards you,
I breathe you in.
And when our eyes close, our lips meet.

Our kiss is soft and wet,
smooth and warm,
sensuous and passionate.

The kiss hits our whole bodies like a tidal wave.
We both feel all of our emotion at once,
its a feeling words cant describe.
As we pull away, you look into my eyes
and I look into yours,
we smile realizing that was our first kiss,

And it wasnt going to be our last.

♥♥To give someone a butterfly kiss,
get close to them so the tips of your eyelashes are touching theirs.
Then blink very fast so your eyelashes flutter together like butterfly wings.
It’s a fun, cute thing to do while you’re catching your breath from more traditional kisses.
You can also give someone a solo butterfly kiss
by fluttering your eyelids against their cheek.
♥♥A sweet KISS is on CHEEKS

A passionate KISS is on LIPS

A romantic KISS is on NECK

But seriously



Try it:p

A kis is not a kiss unless

♥♥Based on the kiss in the 2002 movie Spider-Man,
the Spider man kiss involves kissing someone
whose face is upside-down from yours,
so your top lip kisses their bottom lip and vice versa.
♥♥A page is yellow
in which you will find a fellow
who will kiss you under the pillow.
♥♥Never KISS a lady police,
She will say, hands up.
♥♥Never KISS a lady doctor,
She will say, Next please
♥♥KISS ON HAND=i adore u,
KISS ON CHEEK=lets be friends,
KISS ON NECK=i want u,
KISS ON LIPS=i love u,
lets not get carried away!
♥♥With this Kiss, I reveal all my
thoughts and feelings about you
that I have withheld for so long.
I feel when I am with you ,I am like a Kiss,
not because of it’s beauty,
but because I am able to bloom and grow with you…
♥♥Love is heat.
You are sweet.
When two Lips meet.
Love is complete.

Lots of kisses for you on this Kiss Day

♥♥To give someone a single-lip kiss,
take one of their lips between yours
gently suck or tug on it.
It’s an awfully romantic kiss,
and if you do it right,
you’ll send tingles up and down your sweetie’s spine.
♥♥Love is blind
Be very kind
When I kiss you
Please don’t mind
♥♥People say
A blessed KISS is on HEAD
♥♥Smile is the 2nd best thing
you can do with your Lips.
What is first thing??

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