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Cute Valentine Sayings

Browse our collection of handpicked cute valentine sayings here. Send the sweet and cute valentine sayings to your loved ones!

♥♥Free the ones you love; marry them if they come back.
♥♥Happiness in marriage means learning two little words: “Yes dear.”
♥♥A kiss a day keeps the marriage counselors away.
♥♥Kisses are lovely, chocolate kisses are divine.
♥♥Love is a candy, sweet, bitter at times, but always …
♥♥Love isn’t refundable and it doesn’t come with guarantees…Don’t mistake a marriage proposal for romance and romance for a marriage proposal.
♥♥Love is not about forgiving or forgetting, it is about paying it forward…
♥♥Love doesn’t look at the size of your clothes or the color of your hair, but at the quality of your…
♥♥Love should come with a sign that advises you to handle with …
♥♥Love may mean you don’t have to say sorry, but marriage means you have to pay up.
♥♥Kisses and love go together like peanut butter and jelly.
♥♥Punctuating your fights with kisses makes for spicier conversations.
♥♥Marriage means you can make fun of your wife, but you have to pay for the privilege.
♥♥Every kiss should be given as if it’s a last kiss and received as if it’s the first.

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