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Cute Valentine Quotes For Moms

Browse our collection of handpicked cute valentine quotes for moms here. Send the sweet and cute valentine quotes for moms to your loved ones!

♥♥I wish you a day full of sunshine
And hope that you will know
Special love follows you
Everywhere you go.
Happy Valentines Day 2016
♥♥I send this card straight to you
Because I want to say
I love you so very much
Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.
♥♥I have chosen the most beautiful flowers
For You Mom, but their blooms cannot compete
With your warmth, kindness and charisma…
I wish you a very Happy Valentines Day!
♥♥Dear mother, you are the special person
Who has nurtured me and developed me
Into a better person. I send my love for you and
Wish you a wonderful celebration of the day of love.
It is my turn today to thank you for your love
And care you bestowed upon me always.
♥♥You put glad words in my heart
Such happiness you bring
A Mother that’s so precious
You make my happy heart sing.
Happy Valentines Day Mother
♥♥Mom, You are so beautiful, so sweet, and so wise,
You know how to do everything and you will always
Find a way out of the most problematic situation.
We’re so lucky to have You. Mom,
♥♥Mom, I’ve got some friends
Of each and every kind,
But a better friend than my mother
I’ll never, ever find!
Happy Valentines Day 2016
♥♥For my beautiful mother I send
Sweet Valentine’s Day wishes for you
Through this beautiful text message.
I wish you have a wonderful valentine day
Celebration with lovely cherished moments.
♥♥Mother, you are the most special
Person in my life and you have bestowed
Your abundance love and care for me.
I wish you a happy valentine day
wishes and send my love for you.
♥♥Valentine’s Day is a day of love,
So Mom, I want to say
That no one gives more love than you;
You brighten every day.
Happy Valentines Day Mom
♥♥Mother stands for: Magnificent, Optimistic,
Trust-worthy, Heroine, Entertaining,
Romantic. To me, you mean all of this and
Much more. I love you mom.
Happy Valentines Day!
♥♥Mom is such
A special word
The loveliest
I have ever heard
A toast to you
Above all the rest
Mom, you are so special
You are simply the best
♥♥Happy thoughts come my way
When I think of you
A Mother kind and thoughtful
In everything you do.
Happy Valentines Day Mom
♥♥You were always there for me if I was sick
Or had a bad dream, or needed help with
My homework. Even now, you always
Make me feel loved and important even
When you have a million other things on your plate.
Happy Valentine’s Day Mom
♥♥I’m not sure where you find all the
Patience you have in dealing with me,
But for that and for many other reasons
I want to say thank you!
Happy valentines Day

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