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♥♥“I guess it goes to show that you just never know where life will take you. You search for answers. You wonder what it all means. You stumble, and you soar. And, if you’re lucky, you make it to Paris for a while.” ― Amy Thomas, Paris, My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light
♥♥“I can’t drop it. It’s how I’m drawn.” ― I.B. Nosey
♥♥“Just the other day, I was in my neighborhood Starbucks, waiting for the post office to open. I was enjoying a chocolatey cafe mocha when it occurred to me that to drink a mocha is to gulp down the entire history of the New World. From the Spanish exportation of Aztec cacao, and the Dutch invention of the chemical process for making cocoa, on down to the capitalist empire of Hershey, PA, and the lifestyle marketing of Seattle’s Starbucks, the modern mocha is a bittersweet concoction of imperialism, genocide, invention, and consumerism served with whipped cream on top.” ― Sarah Vowell
♥♥“Touched by her fingers, the two surviving chocolate people copulate desperately, losing themselves in a melting frenzy of lust, spending the last of their brief borrowed lives in a spasm of raspberry cream and fear.” ― Neil Gaiman, The Sandman, Vol. 7: Brief Lives
♥♥“a world where chocolate is entirely rare — or entirely mediocre — is a dystopia the likes of which we can scarcely conceive [“An Emotional History Of Chocolate,” The Millions, January 5, 2015].” ― Elizabeth Winkler
♥♥“Mom always said too much chocolate is like having too much love—you can’t get enough-Geraldine Solon, Chocolicious” ― Geraldine Solon
♥♥“To me, chocolate was the sole reason we on this earth.” ― Esi Edugyan
♥♥“I listened wide-eyed, stupid. Glowing by her voice in the dim light. If chocolate was a sound, it would’ve been Constantine’s voice singing. If singing was a color, it would’ve been the color of that chocolate.” ― Kathryn Stockett, The Help
♥♥“Where did you get that candy again?” Leven asked, worried.
The pile said ‘flavored’, Clover answered back, his face a chocolatey mess.
Flavored? Leven said exasperated. “Are you sure?”
Yes, Clover argued. “F-l-a-w-e-d–flavored.” ― Obert Skye, Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra
♥♥“Frozen yogurt is tastier than ice cream, nobody is too old for cartoons, bald men are sexy, chocolate is the best medicine, BIG books are better, cats secretly rule the planet, and everything should be available in the color pink, including monster trucks.”― Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year
♥♥“If she was going to die she wanted to go out with chocolate in one hand and a shopping bag in the other.” ― Caroline Hanson, Love is Darkness
♥♥“When I die,’ I said to my friend, ‘I’m not going to be embalmed. I’m going to be dipped.’ Milk chocolate or bittersweet was the immediate concern.” ― Adrianne Marcus
♥♥“Art arises from loss. I wish this weren’t the case. I wish that every time I met a new woman and she rocked my world, I was inspired to write my ass off. But that is not what happens. What happens is we lie around in bed eating chocolate and screwing. Art is what happens when things don’t work out, when you’re licking your wounds. Art is, to a larger extent than people would like to think, a productive licking of the wounds.” ― Steve Almond, Candyfreak: A Journey through the Chocolate Underbelly of America
♥♥“Chocolate symbolizes, as does no other food, luxury, comfort, sensuality, gratification, and love.” ― Karl Petzke
♥♥“Nothing says I love you like the gift of a half-eaten candy bar. I ate my half two weeks before I remembered to give it to her.” ― Jarod Kintz, My love can only occupy one person at a time
♥♥“You’re funny.’ Phoebe passed me the last chocolate cupcake. ‘And I always thought your friends were laughing over their own farts.’
‘Ninety percent of Eastwood’s male population laughs over their own farts. Present company excluded, naturally.” ― Robyn Schneider, The Beginning of Everything
♥♥“She had to lift both hands to illustrate what she meant, but he just let her carry his hand with her, not about to let go. She pushed the free hand toward the one he held, apparently trying to gesture closeness. “Warm,” she said again. And then she did something that undid him to the last faint whisper of his soul: she gave his hand a squeeze with fingertips that could just barely reach around his, apparently using him to indicate what she wanted to say. He meant warmth. He meant this word she couldn’t find.” ― Laura Florand, The Chocolate Touch
♥♥“The art of sensuality encompassing the exploration and experiencing of all our senses… Those images are being born from and through living the moments of eating favorite chocolate cake with ice-cream, tranquil meditating, walking the beach and feeling the warm breeze on your face and the soothing sand beneath your feet, watching a never repeating its symphony sunset, dancing and feeling your body move through space, smelling flowers in a garden, painting or working with clay, with your fingertips gently touching piano keys or pulling the tense strings of guitar, caressing your ears with the whispers of one’s soul, diving into the depth of loving you eyes, and, joining in a passionate kiss of life…the life of the artist…” ― Oksana Rus
♥♥“Will looked horrified. “What kind of monster could possibly hate chocolate?” ― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel
♥♥“Is the Easter Bunny a space alien trying to trick us into implanting us with his eggs? Because I will so swear off chocolate right now.” ― Thomm Quackenbush, Artificial Gods
♥♥“Oh God, this is so good, Princess, what is it?”
“Dark and stormy,” she sighs. “And you may as well take the bowl. I can’t use it now you’ve had your dirty paws in it.”
“Hmmm, dark and stormy…like you. I like it.” ― Kerry Heavens, Spencer
♥♥“A Kiss is a terrible name for a piece of chocolate shaped like a water droplet, because kisses are hot and would melt chocolate—even if it is wearing an astronaut suit made out of tinfoil.” ― Jarod Kintz, At even one penny, this book would be overpriced. In fact, free is too expensive, because you’d still waste time by reading it.
♥♥“I don’t like flowers, chocolate, cakes or diamonds either, I am definitely not a hard one to impress.” ― Pushpa Rana, Just the Way I Feel
♥♥“This is what you British do not understand about the French. You think you must work, work, work, work and open on Sundays and make mothers and fathers with families slave in supermarkets at three o’clock in the morning and make people leave their homes and their churches and their children and go shopping on Sundays.’
‘Their shops are open on Sundays?’ said Benoît in surprise.
‘Yes! They make people work on Sundays! And through lunchtimes! But for what? For rubbish from China? For cheap clothes sewed by poor women in Malaysia? For why? So you can go more often to KFC and get full of fried chicken? You would rather have six bars of bad chocolate than one bar of good chocolate. Why? Why are six bad things better than one good thing? I don’t understand.” ― Jenny Colgan, The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris
♥♥“Always serve too much hot fudge sauce on hot fudge sundaes.
It makes people overjoyed, and puts them in your debt.” ― Judith Olney
♥♥“Coraline opened the box of chocolates. The dog looked at them longingly.
Would you like one? she asked the little dog.
Yes, please, whispered the dog. “Only not toffee ones. They make me drool.”
I thought chocolates weren’t very good for dogs, she said, remembering something Miss Forcible had once told her.
Maybe where you come from, whispered the little dog. “Here, it’s all we eat.” ― Neil Gaiman, Coraline
♥♥“The End is Nigh!” the man shouted.
Is there still time for hot chocolate? Riley asked.
The-End-is-Nigh guy blinked. “Ah, maybe, I don’t know.” ― Jana Oliver, Forbidden
♥♥“Money can’t buy happiness.
But, it can buy a chocolate, which is pretty much the same thing.” ― Hanako Ishii
♥♥“Estaré delirando, mi hipotalamo estará sobreestimulado, será el chocolate, que me hace ladrar en francés, ouah ouah.” ― Remate, Suelo Estar
♥♥“Chocolate is something you take for granted until you don’t have any.” ― Marja McGraw
♥♥“Love is life, and hate is death. Valentine’s Day chocolates should come in a box shaped like a coffin.
” ― Jarod Kintz, Love Quotes for the Ages. Specifically Ages 19-91.
♥♥“Sometimes, I feel my breath coming in shorter, quicker, spastic bursts, feel my heart threaten to thunder through my ribs, feel sweat beading on my brow…and I know it’s time to bust out those “chocolate frogs” from Harry Potter.” ― Shannon Celebi
♥♥“Now she and I sit together in her room and eat chocolate, and I tell her that in a very long time when we both to go heaven, we should try to get chairs next to each other, close to the dessert table.” ― Anne Lamott, Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith
♥♥“Hey, Mrs. Jakes, how come people can’t afford new shoes or food, but they can still buy candy?” She smiled and waved him off. “Oh, people will always find a way to buy chocolate, Elliot. Chocolate is forever.” ― Jack C. Monroe, A Hole In Time: An Elliot James Adventure
♥♥“It was like having a box of chocolates shut in the bedroom drawer. Until the box was empty it occupied the mind too much.” ― Graham Greene, The Heart of the Matter
♥♥“My brief survey of stimulant aphrodisiacs would be incomplete were I to fail to include that most famous love drug of all time, chocolate or cacao, from the seeds of Theobroma cacao.” ― Rick Doblin, Manifesting Minds: A Review of Psychedelics in Science, Medicine, Sex, and Spirituality
♥♥“Coffee and chocolate—the inventor of mocha should be sainted.” ― Cherise Sinclair, Hour of the Lion
♥♥“I’d much rather be eating a bar of chocolate or even something healthy like a lettuce leaf alone at my desk than sitting through this silent, painful meal.” ― Sarah Darer Littman, Confessions of a Closet Catholic
♥♥“Yes, boys are a little like shoes. Why? Well…They can be useful. But mainly…They are nice to look at. Getting the right one can be a lovely accessory to an outfit. There are times when you couldn’t do without them. And there are times when you’d rather do without them. Get the wrong ones and they can hurt. There are many types and often the ones that look the nicest are completely unpractical.” ― Rachel Hill, A Girl’s Guide to Guys: Meeting Them, Managing Them and All That Love Stuff
♥♥“Without pain, how could we know joy?’ This is an old argument in the field of thinking about suffering and its stupidity and lack of sophistication could be plumbed for centuries but suffice it to say that the existence of broccoli does not, in any way, affect the taste of chocolate.” ― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars
♥♥“Some people smoked crack in alleyways. Franny ate chocolate. On the scale of things, it seemed entirely reasonable.” ― Emma Straub, The Vacationers
♥♥“He showed the words “chocolate cake” to a group of Americans and recorded their word associations. “Guilt” was the top response. If that strikes you as unexceptional, consider the response of French eaters to the same prompt: “celebration.” ― Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto
♥♥“The greatest tragedies were written by the Greeks and Shakespeare…neither knew chocolate.” ― Sandra Boynton
♥♥“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.” ― Jo Brand
♥♥“Chocolate is like my best friend and the most intense pleasure at the same time, perhaps not the most intense, but the most regular and reliable one.” ― Chloe Doutre-Roussel
♥♥“… and holy hell the chocolate is so intense and pure it should be named an element and given a spot on the periodic table. It would be Ch, which isn’t even taken.” ― Laini Taylor, Night of Cake & Puppets
♥♥“Can I come back and see you sometime?”
Long as you bring me some chocolate, Gramma said, and smiled. “I’m partial to chocolate.”
Gramma, you’re diabetic.― Rachel Vincent, My Soul to Save
♥♥“Moderation, honey, in all things but love and chocolate. That’s my motto.” ― Barbara Bretton, A Soft Place to Fall
♥♥“If I do find out the Secret,I won’t be able to tell it to you-you know that right?And that doesn’t mean I don’t trust you.It’s just because I can’t.Sometimes even best friends have to keep secrets from each other.”
-Cass” ― Pseudonymous Bosch, This Book Is Not Good for You
♥♥“It’s hard not to smile when you’re going eyeball to eyeball with a frosted chocolate cupcake.” ― Shannon Wiersbitzky, What Flowers Remember
♥♥“I’m pretty sure that eating chocolate keeps wrinkles away because I have never seen a 10 year old with a Hershey bar and crows feet.” ― Amy Neftzger
♥♥“As with most fine things, chocolate has its season. There is a simple memory aid that you can use to determine whether it is the correct time to order chocolate dishes: any month whose name contains the letter A, E, or U is the proper time for chocolate.” ― Sandra Boynton, Chocolate: The Consuming Passion
♥♥“man can not live on chocolate …. but women can” ― Hannah
♥♥“The Decision
…I wiped my hands on my pinafore
now sullied and stained
not crisp or pressed
as it had been before…” ― Muse, Enigmatic Evolution
♥♥“The 12-step chocolate program: NEVER BE MORE THAN 12 STEPS AWAY FROM CHOCOLATE!” ― Terry Moore
♥♥“Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain.” ― Dave Barry
♥♥“Mentioning violence to Bruce was like mentioning chocolate sauce to a six-year-old.” ― Robert Muchamore, Shadow Wave
♥♥“Remember the days when you let your child have some chocolate if he finished his cereal? Now, chocolate is one of the cereals.” ― Robert Orben
♥♥“I had a dream about you. Your skin was sandpaper and your armpits were hollow, filled with dark chocolate and prunes. You offered me coffee and when I said no you handed me black coffee with a note that read “12 reasons not to drink coffee”. I knew we would get along.” ― Melody Sohayegh, Dreaming is for lovers
♥♥“We decided to leave early, you wouldn’t want to be there in the end, when the lights came on. You’d never sit down in here again. In a depressing shuffle we pushed to the door, now it was good to get up and out, while it was still a black hole, warm, and smokey, full of possibilities…” ― David Boutler
♥♥“If chocolate is the answer….the question is irrelevant.
unknown” ― Kim Knott
♥♥“Feathers blowing in the wind is no more a bird than a pile of crumpled up receipts from champagne, chocolate, and flower purchases is a true indication that a man loves a woman.
” ― Jarod Kintz, The Days of Yay are Here! Wake Me Up When They’re Over.
♥♥“Happiness. Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.” ― Joanne Harris, Chocolat
♥♥“If there’s no chocolate in Heaven, I’m not going.” ― Jane Seabrook, Furry Logic Laugh at Life
♥♥“I might be able to walk away from sexy, dangerous shifters, but chocolate had me at its beck and call.” ― Meghan Ciana Doidge, Trinkets, Treasures, and Other Bloody Magic
♥♥“Appleblossom can’t believe the taste of the dark square. Is tehre a way to describe this morsel of goodness? It is so sweet adn smooth. It makes a green snail seem like an old pinecone seed, and every possum knows that a green snail is fantastic eating.” ― Holly Goldberg Sloan, Appleblossom the Possum
♥♥“I can’t understand people who don’t like chocolate. I was once going out with a
guy, this guy Robert I was telling you about, and I was never really
comfortable with him, but I couldn’t work out why. Then one day it all became
clear: he didn’t like chocolate. I mean he didn’t just not love it, this guy
actually hated it. You could have put a bar in front of him and he wouldn’t
have touched it. That kind of thinking is so far removed from anything I can
relate to, you know. Well, after that, you can imagine, it was clear we had to
break up.” ― Alain de Botton, On Love
♥♥“When we don’t have the words chocolate can speak volumes.” ― Joan Bauer
♥♥“The Duchess set about studying Annette and shortly found her adversary’s tragic flaw.― William Goldman, The Princess Bride
♥♥“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” ― Charles M. Schulz
♥♥“May your life be filled, as mine has been, with love and laughter; and remember, when things are rough all you need is … Chocolate.” ― Geraldine Solon, Chocolicious
♥♥“It was so dark, it was almost black and it melted on her tongue into an ancient flavor of seed pod, earth, shade, and sunlight, its bitterness casting just a shadow of sweet. It tasted … fine, so subtle and strange it made her feel like a novitiate into some arcanum of spice.” ― Laini Taylor, Lips Touch: Three Times
♥♥“A dark-chocolate truffle melts in my mouth, and I forget about everything else … even the fact that I’m on a diet.” ― Barbara Brooke
♥♥“Suddenly, out of the mist came a parachute with a fresh Hershey chocolate bar from America. It took me a week to eat that candy bar. I hid it day and night. The chocolate was wonderful, but it wasn’t the chocolate that was most important. What it meant was that someone in America cared. That parachute was something more important than candy. It represented hope. Hope that someday we would be free. Without hope the soul dies.” ― Michael O. Tunnell, Candy Bomber
♥♥“Personally, I like a chocolate-covered sky. Dark, dark chocolate. People say it suits me. I do, however, try to enjoy every color I see – the whole spectrum. A billion or so flavors, none of them quite the same, and a sky to slowly suck on. It takes the edge off the stress. It helps me relax.” ― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief
♥♥“Like magic, she felt him getting nearer, felt it like a pull in the pit of her stomach. It felt like hunger but deeper, heavier. Like the best kind of expectation. Ice cream expectation. Chocolate expectation.” ― Sarah Addison Allen, The Sugar Queen
♥♥“It was an indulgence, learning last words. Other people had chocolate; I had dying declarations.” ― John Green, Looking for Alaska
♥♥“Then she thought bitterly that it would be much easier to resist chocolate if her life were less stressful.” ― J.K. Rowling
♥♥“I’d always hated any kind of peanut butter candy. Peanut butter, in my opinion, belonged in sandwiches and nowhere else.” ― Morgan Matson, Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour
♥♥“He stared for ten seconds or more, which, when eating a chocolate cake isn’t much, but when staring, is.” ― Louise Penny
♥♥“Be the Chocolate
What if I want to be the bird who eats the Chocolate?”
― No One
If it’s not chocolate, it’s not breakfast.” ― Laini Taylor, Daughter of Smoke & Bone
♥♥“chocolate is a dairy food; nanny piggins” ― R A Spratt
♥♥“… something very unusual, a chocolate-flavoured log of goats’ cheese. “Made by lesbians in Wales,” Sam had explained superfluously.” ― Philip Hensher, King of the Badgers
♥♥“Para que a dor não mate se inventou o chocolate.” ― Alice Vieira, Chocolate, Histórias para ler e chorar por mais
♥♥“Look, there’s no metaphysics on earth like chocolates.” ― Fernando Pessoa
♥♥“It was 2: p.m., too early for wine but not for chocolate.” ― Andrea Hurst, Always with You
♥♥“Coffee and chocolate are certainly wonderful, but they must forever carry tea’s silken train, ever the bridesmaids and never the bride.” ― Paul F. Kortepeter, Tea with Victoria Rose
♥♥“you’re like candy:
and oh so satisfying” ― http www.techrulz.com
♥♥“Strength is the capacity to break a Hershey bar into four pieces with your bare hands – and then eat just one of the pieces.” ― Judith Viorst, Love & Guilt & The Meaning Of Life, Etc
♥♥“If I ever meet with the man who fulfills my ideal, I shall make it a condition of the marriage settlement, that I am to have chocolate under the pillow.” ― Wilkie Collins, I Say No
♥♥“Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world’s perfect food. ” ― Michael Levine
♥♥“The aftertaste of New Year’s Eve parties wears on me for the same reason I am not much for resolutions. Dusting off a stepper because we switched out our calendar is pointless. After all, society also conditions that most will whiff their resolutions by January 3rd, at which point one is to abandon the resolutions utterly and feel guilty as one devours a box of Christmas chocolates.” ― Thomm Quackenbush, A Creature Was Stirring
♥♥“You’ll feel better after a new pair of jeans and a triple fudge meltdown. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll watch Magic Mike.”
Cara laughed as tears welled in her eyes. “Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.” ― Melissa Landers, Invaded
♥♥“Synthetic chocolate sounds wrong.” ― Missy Lyons, Alien Promise
♥♥“What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.” ― Katharine Hepburn
♥♥“It’s all—let’s use a very specific word here—miraculous. You, me, love, quarks, sex, chocolate, the speed of light—it’s all miraculous, and it always has been.” ― Rob Bell, What We Talk about When We Talk about God
♥♥“Leo is looking down. Leo is looking down and his eyes and skin and hair like dark melted chocolate and he’s saying to me, “Hello.” ― Johnny Rich, The Human Script
♥♥“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” ― Linda Grayson
♥♥“Every now and then, I’ll run into someone who claims not to like chocolate, and while we live in a country where everyone has the right to eat what they want, I want to say for the record that I don’t trust these people, that I think something is wrong with them, and that they’re probably – and this must be said – total duds in bed.” ― Steve Almond, Candyfreak: A Journey through the Chocolate Underbelly of America
♥♥“Sometime all you need is love … Oh wait! And ice cream, and chocolate to go along with it as nowadays love is anything but sweet.” ― Megha Khare, Write like no one is reading 2
♥♥“According to Zagat Disneyland Insider’s Guide (2010), the Candy Palace is the fifth most popular store in the entire resort, and the third most popular in the park. Perhaps one reason is the shop’s intoxicating candy scent; it vents onto Main Street, an elixir of vanilla and molten chocolate that entices Guests to enter the premises and then entices then to remain. pouring over the bins, shelves, and racks of traditional and unique candies.” ― Leslie Le Mon, The Disneyland Book of Secrets 2014 – Disneyland: One Local’s Unauthorized, Rapturous and Indispensable Guide to the Happiest Place on Earth
♥♥“There’s no point in wasting calories on cheap chocolate, always opt for the darkest and richest.” ― Nanci Rathbun, Truth Kills: An Angelina Bonaparte Mystery
♥♥“I don’t have any chocolate bars right now.”
She pressed her lips together as she placed two small fingers at the bridge of her nose and shook her head as though she had lost all hope for him. Finally, she sighed as though more than put out. Her eyes were twinkling, though, the shadows of fear easing.
“I’ll take you on your word then,” she sighed. “But you really should stock up on chocolate bars. It’s more precious than gold when dealing with kids, ya know.” ― Lora Leigh, Elizabeth’s Wolf
♥♥“Theo nodded slowly. “You love Balanchine chocolate like I love cacao.”
I wouldn’t say love, Theo.
No, you speak the truth. Love isn’t right. It isn’t right for me either. Sometimes I hate cacao. Theo looked at me. “You don’t love Balanchine chocolate. You are Balanchine chocolate.” ― Gabrielle Zevin, Because It Is My Blood

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